Trouble in Boothill

The first session of the RiftWest Campaign

The PCs get a telegram calling them to the town of Boothill to investigate the death of a man in what may have been (paranormally) suspicious circumstances.

They take the train, and mild hilarity ensures during the course of the journey, and the conductor is shocked by the unnatural presence of Hunter and Twilight, but is calmed and engaged in conversation by James Woodhouse.
James learns that the town of Boothill is a mining town, and that there are stories of ghostly Indians riding near the railroads at night; Hunter catches up on some reading (disturbing and baffling the other passengers in his carriage, who decide that they have business elsewhere), and Twilight unsuccessfully attempts to engage a mustang in conversation back in the stable carriage.

Once they arrive in Boothill, the three Wardens waste no time in visiting the town Sheriff, who they find in his office (along with a drunk in a cell with a hangover, who is rather stocked of the addressed by Hunter).
Sheriff Ironside takes them to the scene of the crime (an alleyway on the edge of town- given that the town has only one major street, this isn’t a long walk), and tells them that there was a kidnapping as well as a murder.
He says that from what he’d managed to get out of the shocked witness Dusty Applewater so far, Josiah Stillwater was killed by a small group of hooded & cloaked figures who where making off with the unconscious form of Nicholas Newbury.

Sheriff Ironside then takes them to the morgue building, where they examine the corpse of Josiah Stillwater (confirming, from the documents and badge on his person, that he is the same Josiah Stillwater that they knew whilst at the Academy).
The Sheriff explains that all he knows about Josiah is that he had been in town for a few weeks and was a gambler.
Investigation of the corpse reveled that Josiah had been slashed across the chest by claws (3 parallel slashes, about 2 inches apart and 2 inches deep), and that the wounds were going moldy and necrotic.
Additionally, the victim had traces of yellowish-green slime under his fingernails, and a strange tattoo on his forearm (which resembled a crossed anhk).



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