Eldritch Horror Lawman


Eldritch Horror Lawman
Ambassador From Beyond
They Do Not Understand
The Barriers Must Hold
Nothing Is Inevitable
The Shadows Hear Me
Speaker Of Truth
Trusted by the Border Wardens

+5 (Superb) Intimidate
+4 (Great) Might, Conviction
+3 (Good) Endurance, Lore, Alertness
+2 (Fair) Athletics, Discipline, Investigation, Stealth
+1 (Average) Contacts, Survival, Guns, Presence, Weapons

Stress Tracks:
Physical □□□□
Social □□
Mental □□□□


A non-euclidean entity, in a greatcoat.
Hunter of Broken Oaths (‘Hunter’ to his friends – if he can be said to have any) came to the West with a Mission – he is determined to ensure that the walls of the universe hold and that the laws of reality remain unbroken.
Unlike many of his peers (Lovecraftian cosmic abominations from beyond our space and time), Hunter views the breakdown of the coherence of realities as undesirable, and not inevitable. Those who know Hunter speculate on the circumstances that lead to him coming to the RiftWest with the burning purpose of punishing those creatures that transgress the oaths and laws of the cosmos: was there maybe a schism, or some disagreement or conflict with the elder beings of his ‘race’? Hunter remains silent on the matter, so far.

Although he has now grasped the basics (mostly) Hunter has faced difficulties mastering the subtleties of human interactions. This is partly due to the inherent incompatibility of his alien consciousness with the social mindset of humanity, but is mostly because people tend to react with shock and surprise when addressed by a horror that-should-not-be wearing a Badass Longcoat and surrounded by a corona of shadows. Even when Hunter strikes up a vaguely-normal conversation, people frequently seem to remember pressing engagements that demand their immediate attention elsewhere after a few minutes in his presence.
For this reason, Hunter has resorted to the written word for information of human behavior, and is currently conducting a detailed study of all the trashy romance novels he can get his hands on. Hilarity is likely to ensue.
It is uncertain whether Hunters inability to lie derives from his strict adherence to oaths and laws, or is simply a consequence of his difficulties grasping the concept.

Unsurprisingly, Hunter was initially widely distrusted when he arrived in this world (seems that it is surprisingly difficult for a Cthulhumanoid guy to get an even break). Nevertheless, through diligent perseverance and unswerving dedication to his mission, Hunter has managed to earn the respect and grudging trust of the Border Wardens. An incident at the Academy where he saved a group of trainees (Content Not Found: christian-godloved_, Content Not Found: josiah-stillwater_, and Content Not Found: orson) from a haunted house on an Indian burial ground where a cosmic abomination was squatting helped considerably.


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