Talking, Sparkly Magical Horse


Talking, Sparkly Magical Horse
There Is Not Enough Magic
Is Now A Lesser Being
Never Delay!
Friendship Conquers All
Thunder Hooves

+5 (Superb) Athletics
+4 (Great) Conviction, Survival
+3 (Good) Alertness, Endurance, Fists
+2 (Fair) Discipline, Rapport, Presence, Might
+1 (Average) Burglary, Craftsmanship, Deceit, Empathy, Performance

Stress Tracks:
Physical □□□
Social □□□
Mental □□□□


Twilight is a magical unicorn from a ‘Ponyland’ world were various sentient magical equines are the dominant species.
Shortly after arriving in the RiftWest, during her time at the Academy, twilight was told a prophecy by an old goat of a hermit on a mountaintop. The prophecy was that a massive rift was going to open a few miles away, and that several border wardens would be killed in the maelstrom.
She raced at astounding speed to meet the rift-Marshals who have been sent to monitor the spacial disturbance, but was unable to persuade them to move away in time (though she did succeed in saving some of them from the violent energies of the warpstorm).
From his incident, she made ‘Never Delay!’ her maxim, and the reduced nature of her circumstances in a world where she was seen by many as a freakish beast of burden were bought into sharp focus.


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